Surety Bond Services

Surety Bond Services

C&H Agency recognizes that adequate surety bond capacity and proper surety program management is absolutely essential to the financial health and potential for growth of any contractor engaging in public work, and can mean the difference between fiscal viability or paralysis.

Our professionals act as your advocate in adopting strategic approach to the presentation of your financial picture to the surety market. For more than four decades, C&H AGENCY has cultivated enduring relationships with surety markets nationwide and has earned the trust of their underwriters. These partnerships directly benefit our clients and their business objectives. Even during difficult market conditions typified by more stringent underwriting, we champion your position by providing thorough risk and financial analyses to the surety marketplace. Our clients have come to appreciate the pivotal role our advocacy has played in the underwriting process. Because of our credibility within the underwriting community and our longevity in the industry, we help create long-lasting partnerships on behalf of our clients, which ultimately expand their bonding capacity.

Sustaining your business’s well being and keeping the momentum moving forward and upward begins with securing reliable access to:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Maintenance Bonds

And extends to:

  • Construction Accountant Relationships
  • Bank Line of Credit Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Surety Marketing Presentation
  • Subcontractor Agreements

No one knows more about how to position and support contractors for healthy growth by maximizing surety bond credit better than the experts at C&H Agency.